EGW Gas Solutions Services

At EGW Gas Solutions, we don’t just sell products, we solve problems. In addition to being a distributor of some of the finest tooling and equipment in the underground utilities industry, we are a one-stop source for many important customer needs. Among the services that we offer include Equipment Repair & Calibration, Compliance Services, and contractual Field Services.


Repair & Calibration

Don’t let faulty equipment cause you to fall behind on the job! We provide expert repair and calibration on a wide range of underground utility equipment. With our easy to use Repair Form, sending your equipment in for repair is a snap!


Download a comprehensive list of equipment that we repair here and visit our Equipment Repair page for more information and learn just how easy our enhanced repair program is!

EGW Equipment Repair and Services Carrollton, TX

Compliance Services

In order to reduce job errors and protect life and property, federal law requires that pipeline operators have qualification and training programs in place. Our third party Compliance Services is able to provide everything you need to get your staff trained, evaluated, and on the job. We are here to assist your organization in meeting the complex federal DOT and State pipeline safety requirements.


Visit our Compliance Services page for more information.

Field Services

Sometimes your organization requires solutions best suited to being on a contractual basis, such as AMR installation, meter reading, and atmospheric corrosion inspection, just to name a few. This is where our expert Field Services group can help! Our experienced team can come in and handle the job quickly and professionally, allowing you to focus on other important sectors of your business.


Learn more about the Field Services we offer here.