Field Services

EGW Gas Solutions is a full-service provider of Field Services for natural gas utilities. Our skilled team of professionals can meet a variety of needs within the customer’s geographic footprint.


Our personnel is made up of experienced field supervisors and trained technicians ready to tackle any service needs regarding meter reading, AMR installation, atmospheric corrosion inspection, and more. They will focus on completing the required tasks quickly, accurately, and with safety always at the forefront. We partner with your organization to provide solutions to services that may be best suited on a contractual basis.


EGW’s proficient Field Services teams currently operate in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, Amarillo and North Houston. Other opportunities being considered are in Oklahoma and Louisiana.




ZEVAC Cross Compression Services
• Meter Exchanges
• Meter Reading
• ERT Installations/Troubleshooting
• Atmospheric Corrosion Inspections
• Leak Surveys
• Maintenance Support Contractors


For more information or potential services inquiries, give us a call at 972.446.1655 or contact our Vice President of Service Delivery, Therese Reinhard, at

EGW Gas Solutions Field Services
Field services
Field services