GFCP VersaTap Line of Electrofusion Fittings

GFCP VersaTap

The purpose of the VersaTap ™ Fittings is to provide a permanent, reusable or one-time access port to live mains and facilitate the:

1. Insertion of fiber-optic cameras
2. Insertion of tracing enabling devices
3. Insertion of shut off bags, bladders or butterfly valves
4. Use as a syphon point and/or purge point
5. Other applications to be determined

    Features & Benefits:

  • No new tooling required for Installation to the Main. These fittings are designed to be fused to the main using GFCP’s existing Clamping, Scraping Tools, and EF Processors. If your company is already using GFCP EF High Volume Tapping Tees (EF HVTT’s), chances are that’s all you need to install these fittings.
  • The Very Low Profile reduces the potential for accidental 3rd party strikes. The average height of fittings of the main is less than 4.5”.
  • The 2” MPT Outlet fits multiple manufacturers’ hot tapping tools and insertion equipment. Once the Electrofusion fusion process is complete, these fittings utilize a stainless steel fitting adapter attached to a knife (pancake) value as a means of connecting to the tapping tool or insertion device. The 2” MPT connection is common to several tapping and insertion devices now used by the industry and well suited for use with GFCP’s new SurTap ™ hot-tapping system.