Smith Blair Maxi-Grip EZ Coupling - Class II, IPS Pipe Reducing Insulating

Smith Blair EZ Coupling Class 2 Insulating

Smith-Blair’s Maxi-Grip EZ Coupling combines mechanical strength with an evolutionary design making installation a snap. No disassembly, special equipment or time consuming alignment procedures are required.

The Maxi-Grip EZ utilizes an advanced gasket pre-load mechanism – the wave spring. This exclusive engineering concept causes the bolting action to compress the gaskets before engaging the gripping rings resulting in a positive seal and maximum grip every time.

    Features & Benefits:

  • Universal application: Maxi-Grip EZ Couplings are designed to seal and grip independently in all applications, including anchored or abutted steel, plastic or cast iron pipe.
  • Inventory reduction: One Maxi-Grip EZ Coupling does it all, on all types of pipe. No need to bother with transition fittings, welding, fusing, blocking, harnessing or shop fabrication.
  • Proven design: The Maxi-Grip EZ Coupling’s design is based upon field proven sealing and gripping principles.