Timberline Tool TR270 TopReach Clamp

Timberline TR270 Squeeze Tool

Lightweight, quick and easy to deploy at any job site. This is your top-down remote squeeze-off solution for ½” – 2” (12mm – 63mm) PE pipe.

    Features & Benefits:

  • Rotating handle allows operator to control squeeze-off and release rates, preventing pipe damage.
  •  Long handle keeps operator safely above ground – out of harm’s way.
  •  Designed for top-down access – eliminating the need for under-the-pipe excavation.
  •  Engineered to automatically center pipe in the jaws.
  •  Light weight allows for manual placement and operation by one person.
  • Precision-engineered, CNC-machined components ensure proper fit and long operating life.
  • Patented design made from aircraft grade aluminum alloys for high strength, corrosion protection and spark resistance.
  • Includes:

– 4 slap-on jaws specific to customer pipe sizes – Hard carrying case

– Grounding rod with 10 ft. (3m) copper cable

  • Mechanical lead screw effortlessly applies 5,000 lbs of force while specially-contoured jaws distribute forces evenly to prevent permanent deformation in pipe walls.
  • Jaw closure provides safe bubble-tight squeeze-off at 15% wall compression.
  • Operates in keyhole.
  • “Lock-out/Tag-out” capability for operator safety.