ZEVAC Blowdown Recovery System

Patented, revolutionary technology providing an emission-less alternative to venting and flaring

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A revolutionary, patented alternative to venting and flaring. From pipeline pigging to distribution main replacement, ZEVAC helps you fulfill your promise to make operations emission-less.


An air-powered tool that keeps gas in the system instead of venting or flaring. ZEVAC makes your crews safer, more environmentally responsible, and better neighbors.


Powered by compressed air, ZEVAC moves gas into the adjacent pipeline. It allows the intake to depressurize and discharge back into your system with 100% of the gas inside the pipe.

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The patented, revolutionary technology is an emission-less alternative to venting and flaring. The Zero Emission Vacuum and Compressor (ZEVAC®) technology captures natural gas before maintenance or inspection so it can be recycled for use and methane emissions reduced. Powered by compressed air, ZEVAC is able to keep the gas inside the pipe, eliminating emissions, noise, warnings, hazards, and the permits generally associated with venting and flaring.


  • Compressor Stations
  • Gas Storage
  • Pipeline Repair
  • Pigging
  • Distribution Main Replacement
  • Line Abandonment
  • New Construction & Commissioning
  • NGLS
  • Meters & Regulators
  • Propane & Butane Facilities
  • RNG Systems Maintenance
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