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Reduct Gyroscopic Mapping Solutions

Underground space for utilities and other assets is rapidly becoming a scarce commodity. As the number of installations and excavations increases, so does the risk of damage to existing infrastructure. Obtaining accurate geospatial data of existing and new subsurface utilities is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it is rapidly becoming a ‘must have’ to minimize damage risk, thus optimizing uninterrupted service delivery to your customers.


But Reduct’s mapping solutions provide more than just XYZ data for your GIS platform. The high-frequency logging rate enables accurate measurement of the bend radius or inclination along a segment of a pipe or duct. Although often specified, bend radius and inclination are virtually impossible to measure accurately other than with a high frequency gyro mapping system.


Don’t take the risk, get it mapped.


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Reduct Sector Brochures

Reduct Mapping Solutions for Gas Pipelines

Reduct Mapping Solutions for Trenchless Installations

Reduct Pipeline Mapping Equipment

Reduct LGM-2

Reduct LGM-2

Live gas pipeline mapping unit

Reduct ABM-40/DR-2

Reduct ABM-40/DR-2

Designed to map medium duct & pipe infrastructure

Reduct AMB-90 with centralizers

Reduct ABM-90/DR-4 with Centralizers

Covers the largest pipe ID range thanks to exchangeable centralizers

Reduct ABM-40/DR-4 with invert wheel sets

Reduct ABM-90/DR-4 with Invert Wheel Sets

When lateral connections or poor interior condition force you to “stay low”

Reduct ABM-90/DR-4 with IW-1000+ frame

Reduct ABM-90/DR-4 with IW-1000+ Frame

When lateral connections or poor interior condition in very large diameters force you to “stay low”

Reduct Videos

Introduction to Reduct 3D Gyroscopic Pipeline Mapping

How Reliable is Legacy Data for Sub-Surface Utility Infrastructure

Reduct Equipment Standard Operation Procedures

Reduct ABM-40 DR-2 Gyro-mapping on Test Track

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