MBW Pneumatic Tampers and Rammers

Once the construction or repair of an underground pipe system is complete, the soil is backfilled into the trench and compacted down with the help of a pneumatic tamper or rammer. By removing the air voids in the soil, you increase its strength while also decreasing compressibility. This is especially important when other materials or structures are built over the original dig site.


When it comes to confined space compaction, hand-held pneumatic tampers and rammers provide the best solution for getting the job done. At EGW Gas Solutions, our line of MBW compaction tools offer the top-of-the-line dependability and efficiency you need to ensure proper soil compaction.


MBW Ergo-Tamp Pneumatic Tamper

Using a rammer or tamper is usually not the most pleasant experience. Continuous exposure to excessive vibration can contribute to carpet tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and other chronic ailments. The Ergo-Tamp from MBW helps alleviate this issue by reducing hand and arm vibration up to 70%! By rendering the pneumatic tamper tolerable, users are less prone to ending the compaction effort before proper soil compaction has been reached.


MBW Rammers

Ideally suited for the compaction of granular, mixed and cohesive soils in confined areas, MBW Rammers are built with the goal of lower maintenance and an extended life when compared to similar models. MBW Rammers feature the industry’s only percussion system completely free of high friction/heat/wear metal-on-metal reciprocating wear surfaces. These are engine powered and generate less internal friction, operate more efficiently, consume less fuel, and deliver more compaction force for the purpose intended.


The MBW Airammer offers a pneumatically powered rammer that eliminates the problems associated with engine powered equipment. There are no fuel or fuel mixing issues, no carburetor, no spark plug, no exhaust ports or muffler to foul with carbon, no rewind starter, no flooding problems, no air or fuel filters that can be plugged, no rpm issues, all of which affect performance. Quiet and offering lower hand/arm vibration, the Airammer is perfect for crews with ready access to an air compressor.


If you have any questions on what type of pneumatic tamper or compaction device is best for you, give us a call today at 972.446.1655 or fill out our contact form.