EMS Markers

Underground Utility EMS Markers


In any type of underground utility, including in water, cable TV, telecommunications, or oil and natural gas, having a way to effectively locate buried pipes and pipeline systems is critical.


At EGW Gas Solutions, we offer a full line of 3M underground utility markers. Depending on need, different options are available for various burial depths and information gathering. Our selection of electronic marker systems (EMS) are durable and help provide pinpoint accuracy in locating underground utilities. From near surface markers that can be placed 2 feet below ground, to full range markers that can be buried down to 8 feet, we have a solution for you!


The Benefits of RFID Markers


RFID (radio-frequency identification) underground utility markers are able to store data about the system in the marker itself. The information is transmitted to the locator when the RF signal from the marker is received. This data includes a unique, pre-selected and programmed ID number for each marker, which matches the marker locations your GIS systems and mapping software.


Underground utility markers are ideal for fast, accurate locating for any specific assets, including the location of pipes, valves or other key features of relevance. Placed along the system, they also provide a clear map of the utility, even in areas where there may be multiple markers within the vicinity.


Encased in a fully waterproof covering for both the marker and the antenna, and color coded for added ease of identification, our 3M line of iD or passive markers are a long term investment for any utility. No matter which type of underground utility marker selected, they all provide a constant point of reference you can depend on.


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