Locating Unlocatable Gas Lines

Jameson Main Line Tracer

Jameson Mainline Tracer

Jameson Service Line Tracer Kit

Jameson Service Line Tracer

Jameson directional entry tool

Jameson Directional Entry Tool



GFCP VersaTap

GFCP VersaTap

Hathorn keyhole gas line camera system

Hathorn Key Hole
Camera System

3M Dynatel 2550-ID

3M Dynatel 2550-iD

3M Ball Marker

3M Marker Ball

3M Near Surface Marker

3M Near Surface Marker

Locating “Unlocatable” Gas Lines

Accurate gas line locating and mapping is an integral step in the construction and maintenance of gas utility pipelines. Incomplete marking can lead to costly and hazardous damages to underground utilities once digging commences. Most of the time, traditional locating techniques are sufficient when it comes to marking and locating these important assets. But what happens when those methods fail due to absent or faulty tracer wire connections, or from incorrect and non-existent mapping?


At EGW Gas Solutions, we can provide you with everything needed to accurately locate and map these unlocateable gas mains and service lines! With these tools, you’ll be able to easily trace any hard to locate gas line and ensure future locates occur with ease.